Brushless Motor 460 MX 3200 KV

Brushless Motor 460 MX 3200 KV
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Art.Nr.: HML46M02
GTIN/EAN: 4713413981052
Hersteller: ALIGN
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Continuation of Align over 25 years motor core technical knowledge and craft, based on 6S voltage, the 460MX (3200KV) motor is tailor made for the T-Rex 450L DOMINATOR, featuring superior efficiency, high power output, extreme torque, and low current, low temperature.

As a totem to the 850MX Dominator motor, The 460MX shares the same extraordinary pedigree.
Even for the none 3D pilots, 460MX 6S motor utilizes less than 5 amps at hover. Not only does this require smaller C-rating packs, the lower temperature extends the battery life at the same time. Charging time basically is cut in half. These advantages makes this an ideal motor for just about everyone.
The 460MX motor incorporates radial fan in its end bell, creating powerful airflow to dissipate heat. Tweaks to motor design and reduction in weight not only contributes to dramatic power increase, the high efficiency cooling system enables cooler operating temperature during and after flights when compared to motor of previous generation.
The 460MX motor armature had a special balance adjust to improve the serious shaking problem that other tiny motors have.
Maintenance free, high torque, high efficiency, low temperature variant, stable and quiet.
Japanese made high-speed ball bearings, powerful magnetic outrunner rotor.
Battery: 11.1V, 2100~2400mAh
Suitable for T-REX 450 series
Input voltage: 3S 11,1V
Max continuous current: 46A/68A (5sec)
Max output power: approx. 500W/730W (5sec)
KV value: 3200KV
Dimension: Shaft 3.5x29.2x38mm 
Weight: approx. 87g
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